Whether you manage a corner bookstore or own a 35-story high rise office building, every great business needs a great commercial plumbing contractor. Commercial plumbers are trained in a variety of specialized applications to meet the special and unique needs of each client. 

Repair of industrial plumbing fixtures, fire sprinkler system installation, or adhering to health and sanitation codes are only the beginning. Because each business is unique, so are their plumbing necessities.

Partnering with only the top commercial plumbing contractors in the business, we are there to ensure your restaurant has clean water, your apartments have great shower pressure and your hospitals are sanitary day in and day out. Our plumbing contractors bring more than skills and equipment, they also bring vision, ingenuity, and the latest technology to satisfy the needs of each client.

New Construction and Remodeling

If you are planning a new construction job or designing a remodel, one of the first things you need to consider is the plumbing. Working through the plumbing needs with a commercial plumbing contractor is a foundational element of any new construction project.

A commercial plumbing contractor can help with all kinds of new construction projects.

All of your plumbing pipes need to be installed during the first phases of construction. Our plumbing contractors work with new construction projects in a variety of industries, each with their own specific needs including restaurants, apartments and hotels, hospitals, and schools.

  • Restaurants: Restaurants have unique requirements in both the back of the house and the front. In addition to patron restrooms and drinking fountains, they may also consider a more extensive water filtration system, grease trap cleaning and repair, waste pipes and drains, etc.
  • Apartment Buildings and Hotels: When you own a building where individuals and families are living or staying overnight, your plumbing needs are exponentially increased. Showers, toilet facilities, clean drinking water, laundry needs and more are only amplified by the size or capacity of your building. 
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Ensuring that your medical facility can provide clean water and a sanitary working environment is paramount to the success of your business. You must ensure that your pipes and fixtures work together properly so you can provide your patients with the best care.
  • Schools: Schools put high demands on their plumbing. From potty-training preschoolers to high school locker room showers, the plumbing in both private and public schools must be made to withstand anything.

Plumbing Contractor for Commercial Buildings

From skyscrapers in the city to warehouses in the country, plumbing problems can prevent any business from operating at peak capacity. Proper plumbing keeps both employees and customers happy while plumbing backups can cause instant problems breaking both health and sanitation codes.

From simple repairs to major plumbing installations, each commercial plumbing contractor at My Trusted Contractor can handle any job. For new construction or remodeling jobs, our courteous commercial plumbers will work side-by-side with the building contractors so the job is done correctly, in a timely fashion, and is on board with the completed vision. 

We are dedicated to helping you manage your business by taking a proactive approach and providing the services you need on time and within budget to support your business.

My Trusted Contractor is proud to work with local contractors all throughout the states of Indiana and Kentucky, including the cities of Fort Wayne, IN, Evansville, IN, and Jeffersonville, IN, and Louisville, KY. Find a local plumbing contractor for your next project!

Backflow Testing

Every plumbing system should have a backflow prevention assembly to prevent the water in your system from flowing back into the public water supply. In a commercial or industrial building, the efficiency of your backflow system is critical to maintaining your business.

What is it?

Each business owner must decide which type of backflow prevention system and valve they need. This is why working with a commercial plumbing contractor is so important. If your business handles chemicals on a regular basis, you’ll need a high-risk device. This is recommended for a variety of businesses like funeral homes, manufacturing plants, car washes, and even a doctor’s office. Other businesses may get a non-high-risk device, but only a commercial plumbing contractor can ensure your backflow preventer is the right type and size for your business.

Why is it important?

The State Plumbing Code requires backflow preventers to be installed in all commercial buildings. If you don’t have a system or your system has not been currently inspected, the water company may shut off your water entirely. This protects the community water supply from contamination and pollution. Annual backflow testing for commercial facilities must be completed by a certified backflow tester. Only a licensed commercial plumbing contractor should complete the installation and testing of any backflow prevention device.

Commercial Plumbing Fixtures

The plumbing fixtures for any commercial property is essential to its daily operation and cleanliness. Because the daily usage of commercial plumbing fixtures is more extensive than a residential home, the fixtures must stand up to heavy use. From hospitals, restaurants, schools, and events halls, there are different types of fixtures that our skilled plumbing contractors can install to provide the size and durability you require, including:

Count on a commercial plumbing contractor to make your hotel or restaurant bathroom flawless!

  •     Bathtubs
  •     Bidets
  •     Channel drains
  •     Drinking fountains
  •     Hose bib (connections for water hoses)
  •     Janitor sinks
  •     Kitchen sinks
  •     Showers
  •     Urinals
  •     Utility sinks
  •     Flush toilets
  •  All the attachments and installation equipment

The tools required, installation techniques used, and durability requirement of commercial plumbing fixtures, it is best they are installed only by a commercial plumbing contractor. The typical homeowner’s toolbox will not have the equipment or tools necessary to correctly install commercial plumbing fixtures. 

If you need any of these commercial plumbing fixtures repaired or installed, find a local commercial plumbing contractor near you and schedule service.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

The pipes and drains that run throughout any commercial building can become clogged from normal daily operation. Filthy, mucky, dirty pipes can cause big issues rather quickly if they aren’t properly maintained. 

If you discover one or more of these issues, it is important to call a commercial plumbing contractor to clean and unclog your drain and pipes. 

  • Changes in Water Pressure and Water Flow: This is usually a sign of cracking or breaking in your pipe lines. If left unattended, a small crack can lead to a massive breakage. 
  • Frequent Material Debris from Water Fixtures: If you notice gunk, grime, or dirt coming up from your water fixtures, this a clear sign that something is severely clogged and causing a problem in your pipes. 
  • Dampness/Wet Spots Within or Outside the Building: If you notice wet spots in the walls, floors, or ceilings, this is usually an indication of a leaky pipe. You may also notice a small pond forming on your front lawn, this is a good sign that it’s time to call a commercial plumbing contractor. 
  • Odors or Irregular Lawn Features: Notice a funk outside that wasn’t there before that smells like sewage? It might be, and it’s time to get that checked. Puddling, flooding, or overly lush grass may also be indicators of pipe failures. 
  • An Inexplicably High Water Bill: Some fluctuations in your monthly bills are normal, but a huge spike in water usage usually indicates that you’re wasting a lot of water through leakage. 
  • Poor Maintenance Techniques: If you treat your pipes and drains carelessly, you are putting yourself at risk. Even if you don’t notice any warning signs of big problems, be honest about how much care and attention you’ve given to your system lately. If it’s been a while since you’ve received proper maintenance, it’s time to take care of your system so it can continue taking care of you.

If one or more of these problems exist, your commercial plumbing contractor will come out, assess the situation, and if the diagnosis is a clogged drain pipe, use one or a combination of the following drain cleaning methods: 

  • Drain Snaking: This is the simplest method, so it’s often used first. A drain snake, also called an auger, is a simple cable that reaches deep into the pipes to find and remove the clog. 
  • Video Inspection of your Pipes: If the drain snake can’t find the clog, it might be necessary to take video footage of the inside of your pipes. This gives the commercial plumbing contractor a very clear picture of what is causing the problem and how to fix it.
  • Hydro Jetting the Drain: This is the most aggressive method, and is only used for extensive clogs. Hydro jetting is like pressure washing your pipes with a special spray head and a strong stream of water. Most of the time, this will clear out even stubborn clogs, but if can also damage old or weak pipes, so should only be used with caution by a professional commercial plumbing contractor.

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No business should live with plumbing issues, it’s bad for business and employee morale. Keep your customers happy, your employees safe, and your business thriving with reliable plumbing installation and repairs. When you need a commercial plumbing repair or installation, contact a trusted commercial plumbing contractor from My Trusted Contractor. 

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