16 HVAC Tips for Summer & Winter

Are you stuck in a sticky, sweltering hot summer or a bitter, freezing cold winter? Your HVAC system needs to work its best in all types of weather, all year long to keep you and your family comfortable. Preventative maintenance and routine upkeep ensure that your system is ready to go when the worst of both types of weather strike. However, there are things you can do to help beat the heat in the summer and stay warm during the winter months, without the extra use of your HVAC system.

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Winter HVAC Tips for Staying Toasty Warm

  •       Warm yourself first: It’s easier to change your body temperature than it is a room’s temperature. Use a pair of warm house slippers to keep your feet cozy. This helps to regulate the rest of your body temperature. Layer clothing by adding on a comfortable sweater or cardigan.
  •       Turn on a fan: It sounds counterproductive, but it’s not. Even in the winter, you can turn on a fan to circulate the air inside the room. Moving warm air around means the room stays warmer longer, and so do you.
  •       Rotate your ceiling fan circulation: Take a closer look at your ceiling fans. If they are running counterclockwise, they are pulling air up. Because warm air rises, this leaves the room cooler. In the winter, turn them so they run clockwise and push warm air back down.
  •       Prevent drafts: Use door stops, additional window insulation and anything else you can use to help keep the cold air out. Since your pool noodles aren’t being used in the winter anyway, you can use them inside your home, as they can make great draft blockers.
  •       Program your thermostat: Make your system work on your own schedule. Let it be colder while you’re away and warm up only when you’re actually in the house. If you have a smart thermostat you can actually program it from your smartphone.
  •       Get Cooking: Your oven and stove can heat up the entire house, so make some cookies and homemade cocoa and enjoy the chilly weather.

Summer HVAC Tips to Beat the Heat

  •       Dress Carefully: Swap out the fuzzy woolies for cotton and lighter fabrics and materials to wear or sleep in around your home.  
  •       Use Fans: Fans don’t actually cool the air, but they do circulate the air around you, which can make you feel cool.
  •       Create a breeze: Did you know you can create your own breeze? Use two fans and create a cross breeze between them.
  •       Open windows at night: Check the weather forecast, and if it’s going to dip below 60 or so, open the windows and give the AC a break.
  •       Drink: Staying hydrated is a huge step of taking care of your body and keeping yourself cool all day long during the summer months.
  •       Unplug devices:  Small appliances and electronics give off heat; save energy and reduce heat by unplugging things you aren’t using.
  •       Close the blinds: A significant portion of unwanted heat comes from windows. Curtains, blinds, shades, and drapes can make a huge difference in maintaining a cool indoor temperature.
  •       Ice Fan Hack: Fill a mixing bowl with ice and put it in front of a large fan. The air whips off the ice and gives off a nice chilly breeze.
  •       Turn around the ceiling fans: Make sure your ceiling fans are running counterclockwise, this pulls warm air up and leaves the room cooler.
  •       Cook Outside: Fire up that grill and do as much of your hot cooking outside as possible. Keep the kitchen cooled off by limiting the use of the oven and stove.

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While it may be tempting to crank up the AC or turn up the heat, this can leave you with sticker shock when you see your monthly bill. Instead, try these tips and tricks to stay comfortable, without overworking your system and squeezing your budget. For more information and ideas, connect with My Trusted Contractor today. 

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